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With more than 500 students from across the globe, Global Quran Institute is a brand name in online Quran teaching

Multilingual tutors

Our team consists of expert teachers proficient in English, Arabic, German, and Urdu.

Flexible Timing

We provide 24/7 Quran lessons offering flexibility for you and your children to learn at your convenience.

Affordable fees

Our cost-effective pricing ensures that learning remains budget-friendly for all.

Since 2014

About Us

Welcome to Global Quran Institute, an international Quran academy located in Pakistan. Our students come from the UK, USA, Australia, Ireland, Netherlands, and Gulf countries. They trust us for our authenticity, quality teaching, and flexible fee plans.

We offer one-on-one classes at your convenience, led by highly qualified male and female instructors. Language is not a barrier, as we teach in English, Arabic, German, and Urdu. All you need is a Skype account to get started, and we provide a 3-day free trial.

Our services

Noorani Qaida

This is first step towards learning Holy Quran. In this course, basic rules of reading Quran are taught. Small Kids take this course to start their journey of learning Quran.


Quran Reading

Those students who have already studies Qaida can take this course. Through this course, you or or kid can learn to read and recite quran with Tajweed.


In this course, student is trained to memorize Holy Quran. Those who can read Quran take this course. This course has bigger class than others.


In this course, student will learn meanings and explanation of verses word by word. Islamic law and deep understanding of Quran and Islam will be taught.

Islamic Studies

This course is designed to introduce your kids to basic teaching of Islam. We use easy explanatory syllabus to make it easy for kid to learn values of Islam.

Moon Star

Islamic History

This module is formulated specially to introduce your kids to History of Islam. It covers different aspects of History of Prophets, Muslim Rulers and Scholars.

"​Alhamdulillah my teacher is experienced, skilled and patient; she explains everything in details. Administration is supportive. They lookup to my issues ."
"​MashaAllah! This academy has come up to my expectations and has amazed me with the quality of teaching, support and flexibility of timings. I would surely recommend it."
Amina Abdul Kareem
"​It has been really good experience teaching my kids at Global Quran Institute. Teacher was expert and could speak Arabic as well. Administration and support team are always available."
Ahmed Ali

We are available 24/7

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